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Jboss SEAM 2.0.0 GA unleashed!!

Posted on: November 5, 2007

Jboss SEAM 2.0.0 GA unleashed!!



Great news to all Java EE application developers.

A most awaited release of Seam after its 1.2.1 GA, with lot of features including but not only

  1. Seam WS allows Seam components to function as Web Service endpoints
  2. Seam components may now be writted in Groovy
  3. The Seam core is now independent of JSF
  4. Experimental support for the Google Web Toolkit
  5. Integration of Hibernate Search
  6. Introduction of JBoss EL, an extension to the Unified EL of Java EE 5
  7. Major enhancements to Seam Asynchronicity, including Quartz integration
  8. Major enhancements to jBPM integration
  9. Completely reorganized packaging of built-in components
  10. Migration to JSF 1.2
  11. Simplified configuration
  12. Support for pageflow composition
  13. Enhancements to the integration testing framework
  14. New transaction abstraction layer with support for non-JTA environments
  15. Enhanced JavaDoc
  16. Two new example applications
  17. Migration to the new Embedded JBoss
  18. Seam JSF controls reimplemented using Ajax4JSF CDK
  19. Many, many bugfixes

Thanks to Jboss SEAM team for making this great success.

For people new to Seam, take a look at:

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