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There are a lot of UML and ER tools out there, but they cost a lot of money, too.
This is a step-by-step to develop your database with Eclipse and HiberObjects for free.
It is a fast way for Java developers to develop database tables.
It uses an UML-ER Model to generate JavaBeans, which can create tables on the database by using Hibernate as persistence manager.

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This is a step-by-step tutorial. I made this Tutorial, because I was not happy with the four project folders generated by JBoss Tools 2.0.0 when I select a new Seam EAR project. The work is a bit confusing. If I create a new Seam WAR project I only get two projects (one of them is a test project). I had a lot of trouble with the WAR project. I was not able to not get the EJB3 examples work with it. Never the less the folder structure is different from the Seam-gen generated projects. This tutorial works completely without JBoss Tool. You can use JBoss Tools anyway, it has nice functions do build a RichFaces JSF page, but keep in mind that new generated projects are difficult to handle, since you have to keep an overview of all four projects and the changes you made in each of them.

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Jboss Seam
, one of the most innovative full-stack web application framework in Java EE era.

Letz dive in to the tutorial directly without explaining more about Seam.

In order to develop an enterprise application, one must have
an application server installed locally, which is a big pain
when considering system resource and performance. During the
development period developer always perfer to have his
code-hotdeploy time as short as possible, which rapidly
increases his development and production. But this is not
easily achieved when application servers are used during
development. An alternative is to use web servers which are
very light when compared to Application servers. Seam has a
good support for Tomcat webserver.

This tutorial focuses Seam development under Tomcat webserver without support for EJB, that means Seam with POJO and JPA+Hibernate as Persistence provider.

Main goal of this tutorial is to achieve RAD-Rapid Application Development with Seam, Tomcat and Eclipse.

Requirements for Seam development envirnoment:

Download latest Seam release

Download Tomcat 5.5
 or Tomcat 6
Download latest Eclipse

Download Eclipse-Tomcat-Sysdeo plugin

This is a screencast (static) showing all the screenshots without explanation.

[splashcast LRUS5101RC]

Here we go….

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